Fox contributor Marc Thiessen: Reps. Omar and Tlaib are comparable to the Nazis who marched in Charlottesville

Thiessen: Omar and Tlaib “advocate the destruction of Israel”

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Citation From the August 16 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

MARC THIESSEN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): This works out perfectly for Israel because what Israel is basically saying is, look, if you wanted to have a humanitarian visa to come visit your grandmother, you are more than welcome to come to the state of Israel. But if you want a platform to advocate for the destruction of Israel and what she has called a one-state solution, you are not welcome here. I think that's a perfectly legitimate position to take. Look, I think all the outrage about this is just so overwrought. Why is it OK for them to boycott Israel but it's not okay for Israel to boycott them? They literally -- they are advocating the BDS movement, the boycott, sanction, and divest movement, advocates of economic destruction of Israel. Why should a country -- why is a country obligated to allow people in who advocate its destruction? On balance, I think they probably should have let them in. I think it was a mistake because look at all the publicity they're getting. This is what they wanted, they wanted the controversy. But I don't think there's anything wrong with the decision that Israel made to say you're not welcome in our country if you want to destroy our country.


THIESSEN: We've got two anti-Semites in Congress who advocate the destruction of Israel. I mean, you know, the critics of Israel's decision are basically saying it's wrong to say -- they're elected members of Congress and it's wrong to bar a member of Congress. The problem is not that Israel is barring members of Congress. The problem is, is that we have two members of Congress who are virulent anti-Semites. And the fact is there's -- look, there is anti-Semitism on both the left and the right. And both sides are responsible for policing their own movements. Donald Trump needs to consistently reject the alt-right and they anti-Semites and the people who are marching on the streets of Charlottesville saying "Jews will not replace us." But the problem is that anti-Semitism on the left is not skinheads on the streets of Charlottesville, it's members of Congress, it's people in the halls of power who have an influence. Omar is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. She's actually involved in setting Israel policy. That's outrageous and the Democrats can't bring themselves to condemn her for what she said about Israel and Jews.