CNN anchor slams Fox News doctor, “some of the worst medical advice that money can buy”

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel repeatedly amplifies pro-Trump propaganda, and just last night amplified Donald Trump's baseless smear of Joe Biden

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Citation From the September 22, 2020, edition of CNN Newsroom

BRIANNA KEILAR (ANCHOR): Why would Trump be saying that about Biden, Dr. Siegel asks? Well, because Trump has shown that he plays dirty and tries to win at all costs. But what about Dr. Siegel? He's supposed to be a doctor, and he's talking about speed and drug tests? Siegel is paid actual money, by a network with the word "News" in its title — not to help spread the word about keeping people safe in a pandemic, or to correct the anti-science rhetoric of the Trump administration that has cost lives — but to weaponize his medical credentials against a presidential candidate. Let's re-rack the tape, because there is one thing that the good doctor said that we should put credence in.


DR. MARC SIEGEL (FOX NEWS MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR): Now, I haven't examined the former vice president, I don't have a clinical diagnosis to make, but —


KEILAR: Well, he should've stopped there. Remember, this is the same doctor who was impressed with President Trump being able to repeat a string of five words.

And Marc Siegel is the doctor who gave this medical advice to millions of Fox News viewers, most of whom, recall, are older and thus more vulnerable to the coronavirus.


SIEGEL: Let me tell you something, this virus should be compared to the flu, because at worst — at worst, worst-case scenario, it could be the flu.


KEILAR: Now, we know that Fox News is the green room for Trump sycophants. But it's also, apparently, the doctor's office. And it hands out some of the worst medical advice that money can buy.