Proud Boys founder McInnes calls for “a big memorial for all the whites” and laments “all the whites in history who have suffered from Blacks”

Jesse Lee Peterson hosted Gavin McInnes to celebrate “white history month” and ask whether it was a “mistake to allow people of color into white countries”  

From the July 18 edition of The Jesse Lee Peterson Show:

JESSE LEE PETERSON (HOST): Happy white history month. 

GAVIN MCINNES: So that's the deal now, July is white history month?

PETERSON: Yes, I started it this year and it's the first time that white people have been appreciated in a long time and I figured that you know, we have so-called Black History Month, homosexual history month, women history month, Chinese history month, Mexican history month -- everything but white history month. And if it wasn't for white folks there would be no America and it's just time to realize that and start dealing with it.

MCINNES: Yeah there's a museum in Ottawa, Canada, in my hometown. It's called the Museum of Civilization and it's all about the people who built Canada.


MCINNES: Which is probably 80 percent Scots. And they have everything but Scottish people there. They at one point they've rebuilt a Cambodian laundromat in Calgary. So it has these mannequins folding your laundry as an integral part of what built Canada, and then a bunch of Native American art, which you know was pre-Canada. 


MCINNES: It's it's bizarre how much animosity there is towards white people in the Western world these days.

PETERSON: I know, it's amazing. So what do you think of white history -- July as white history month? And I picked July because as I've said over and over July just seems white, you know, you have the Fourth of July is in the air -- is everywhere, vacation time. It's like you worked all year, and now, July. It just feels white.

MCINNES: Yeah, you're right. I love it. And I think we should have a moment during white history month to talk about all the people who died. The 620,000 who died ending slavery in America --


MCINNES: -- all the Irish slaves who died, all the children of the Industrial Revolution who were forced to work in the coal mines -- we should have a big memorial for all the whites. And how about this? How about all the whites in history who have suffered from Blacks? Like when Hannibal and the elephants came up from Africa and took over Italy, or the Moors taking over Spain -- all the horrible oppression whites have suffered over the years.

PETERSON: Amazing. Why do you think there is an attack upon white people not just in America but Europe and other areas. Why are white people so hated but yet, these people want to come to their country and take over? 

MCINNES: I would say it's racism against Blacks. This constantly insulting white people is actually the bigotry of low expectations and it's saying that Blacks, especially Black women, can't handle criticism. They're too fragile, they're not good enough, so we'll attack the patriarch, the white male because he can handle it. So by having this double standard you're actually saying that whites can't handle the same criticism that -- I'm sorry, Blacks can't handle the same criticism that whites can.

Later on the show, Peterson claimed he believed “it was a mistake to allow people of color into white countries:”


Jesse Lee Peterson: “I think we all agree that Barack Obama was elected by, mostly by black racists and white guilty people.”​

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