Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes mocks disabled gay man: “As far as sex goes ... you're a giant, small loser”

McInnes: “If you have cerebral palsy and you are already an ugly, small gay guy, people aren't going to want to sleep with you”

From the May 30 edition of CRTV's Get Off My Lawn:

GAVIN MCINNES: I’m here with a gentleman. He appears to be very unattractive. He is gay, and he has cerebral palsy. And his beef is that people don’t want to have sex with him. So this guy has cerebral palsy and is upset no one wants to sleep with him. He should be considered totally hot and popular. Now, cerebral palsy is a very unusual disease, about half a million Americans have it. As far as men, that's probably 250,000. As far as sexually active men, what is it, 100,000? So we have to have someone -- and gays are about 1 percent of the population. So this guy is in the dictionary under “unusual.”


And here’s another thing. We genetically are not attracted to the severely handicapped. My heart goes out to the severely handicapped, but part of attraction is based on evolution and breeding, and when we see someone who is severely handicapped, we go, “I won’t breed with you.” Now, gays don't breed anyway, but they still have the same sort of wiring. Sorry, it’s not attractive.


How do you not know that gays are shallow? It's as true as lesbians are not shallow. If you're a lesbian, they have lesbian bed death, right. Have you ever heard of that? Lesbian couples, they stop having sex after the first year or so because you have to pull out too many toys and stuff. So they end up just being plump and they wear makeup and flannel shirts and stuff and Timberlands. And they have nice dinners for their friends, and they're very sweet, except the ones who antagonize Christians and make them bake a cake and have a wedding. Gays on the other hand are always on the market because men are always horny, so you need a six pack. You need to work out. If you’re going bald, you got to get hair plugs. You got to be buff. You got to try. You can't have cerebral palsy. I'm sorry that shallow men don't want to screw you. That's like going to the Jersey Shore and being obese and saying, “Here in the Jersey Shore community because I don't gym, tan, and whatever the other one was -- what is it again? -- laundry. Because I don't gym, tan, laundry, these Jersey Shore chicks don't want me.” Yeah, that's the culture. How do you not know that? I'm sorry.


What does he want here. Because there's acceptance and there's acceptance. Does he -- is he not invited to parties? Or are people not having sex with him? Is he basically guilting people into having sex with him? I guess whatever works, right? 


That’s what really he's saying, “I’ve been desexualized. Gays don’t find me sexy because I have cerebral palsy.” Yeah, duh! And, yeah, it sucks. I’m sorry that you have a disease that only 500,000 Americans have. It's very rare. It's literally crippling, but now you’re on stage saying, “Gays don't wanna have sex with me.” And then we sit back, and we see you in your walker. I don’t understand what the endgame here is. What are we supposed to do? Do you want me to make out with you? Huh? I'll give you a kiss.


You're not graceful. You're not elegant. Your feet are strapped into plastic heels, and you use a walker. So this is this guy's problem, he's trying to pretend horniness is some sort of medical trait, and he needs to rub one out with a dude. And he’s being denied that by some sort of evil prejudice. I mean, is there a thing called beauty anymore? Some people are less attractive than others. If you have cerebral palsy and you are already an ugly, small gay guy, people aren’t going to want to sleep with you. That’s nobody’s fault. That’s life. There's winners and losers, and I’m afraid sir, as far as sex goes, in the gay community, you are a giant, small loser. Sorry. 


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