Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes falls for an anti-bisexual 4chan hoax, claims trans identities are mental illnesses

McInnes: “By the way, bi is bullshit. There's no such thing as bi. Bi is a girl who makes out with another girl because it makes boys horny in college when everyone is at their peak.”

Gavin McInnes, the founder of the violent and misogynistic far-right Proud Boys, fell for an anti-LGBTQ hoax known as #droptheB on his show. The anti-bisexual campaign originated on far-right anonymous message board and harassment cesspool 4chan and attempts to divide the queer community by calling on them to exclude bisexual people from the LGBTQ acronym because gender is non-binary (in other words, many people do not identify as solely either male or female). The campaign is based on a false premise, as Pink News reported, because “bisexuality does not just mean an attraction to two genders, but an attraction to people of any gendered or non-gendered persuasion.” The hoax also attempts to exploit the problem of bi erasure, in which members of both the heterosexual and queer community deny or delegitimize bisexual identities.

McInnes has attacked the LGBTQ community before and recently dedicated a segment of his show to mocking a disabled gay man, calling him a “giant, small loser” and “ugly.” During his latest segment, in addition to pushing the #droptheB hoax and saying that “there’s no such thing as bi,” he also said that transgender people were “mentally ill” and called on the LGBTQ community to also “drop the T and the Q.”

From the June 18 edition of CRTV’s Get Off My Lawn:

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GAVIN MCINNES: Have you heard this one? The B in LGBT -- by the way, there's many more letters, I think it's up to like seven or eight -- but the B is offensive. Now, I’m just going to sit back here and relax while you try to understand this, because it took me I’m going to say five minutes of staring before the penny dropped here. I’ve got time. I’ll wait. Get it yet? There are much more than two genders, so to say you’re bisexual -- bi of course is Latin for two -- that’s offensive. It should be LGPT: polysexual, polyamourous. Bi is offensive to them. By the way, bi is bullshit. There's no such thing as bi. Bi is a girl who makes out with another girl because it makes boys horny in college when everyone is at their peak. There's no bi 45 year olds when everyone's ugly. Everyone focuses. So let’s just -- while we're dropping the B, let's drop the T and the Q. It's LG: lesbians and gays. You guys, you are associating with mentally ill people. Just take the LG and go do your own thing and let these nuts fight amongst themselves.