Infowars personality excuses violence against journalists

Infowars' Jake Lloyd: “I don't condone violence, but they sure make it hard to not see where it's coming from”

From a July 13 clip posted on YouTube's The Alex Jones Channel:

JAKE LLOYD: When [President] Donald Trump says, “The press, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, they are enemies of the American people.” These are evil, evil, sick, sick people, so I just want you to remember, I do not advocate any violence. I am the least violent person that you may ever meet, really, but whenever something bad happens to a bunch of journalists and they come out and they say that, “Oh, Trump is fostering violence against journalists,, and Breitbart and the Daily Caller, anybody that wears a Trump hat is promoting violence against journalists, this is their fault that more journalists have gotten sideways looks, or have gotten hurt, or you know, God forbid, killed, whatever the case may be.” Whenever they say that, just remember that that is also another lie. Remember stuff like this, stuff like them trying to get us shut down. Remember all of the lies. Remember the doxxing of that poor kid who just made a meme, and it was the wrong guy too. He wasn't even the one that originally made it. Remember that. Remember the doxxing of that old lady who just shared a Facebook post. Remember all of the evil, disgusting, heinous stuff that journalists have done in the past whenever they try to blame President Trump for the violence that some wackos may or may not commit against them. I don't condone violence, but they sure make it hard to not see where it's coming from. I don't support violence, but it is surely not us fostering it against them.