Fox guest cites misleading talking point from “alt-right” affiliated trolls to discredit Comey's accusations

Fox guest and conservative talk radio host Lawrence Jones cited a debunked talking point from internet trolls affiliated with the “alt-right” to discredit allegations made by former FBI Director James Comey that President Donald Trump suggested he stop investigating former Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn. Jones claimed that if Comey says that Trump asked him to end the FBI investigation Flynn, and his ties to Russia, as was reported by The New York Times, Comey would have “perjured himself.” Jones claimed during a May 3 congressional testimony, Comey said that Trump “has never tried to [end an FBI investigation] for political purposes.” However, during the exchange Jones cited, Comey actually said that neither the Justice Department nor attorney general has halted any FBI investigations, making no reference to the president.

This talking point was pushed by internet trolls Jack Posobiec and Nick Short, both of whom are affiliated with the “alt-right.” It was then repeated by several right-wing media figures.

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LELAND VITTERT (CO-HOST): Lawrence, isn't there a fear here among Republicans that if all of a sudden, Director Comey testifies as that original article said, that the president essentially asked him to back off Mike Flynn, it may not be a crime, we'll get to that with Karl Rove in a minute, but it certainly doesn't look good?

LAWRENCE JONES: Well, he perjured himself if he goes on the record to say that. Because he testified before Congress on May 3 and said that the president has never tried to do that for political purposes. So I'm interested to see the former FBI director -- is he going to walk that back? Because then we have other problems.