CRTV's Gavin McInnes: “I wish Trump was separating more families ... He's an underachiever”

McInnes used a Newsweek article to claim President Barack Obama “separated way more dads from their kids.” In reality, Newsweek was referring to the children the Obama administration was holding because they appeared at the border unaccompanied, not to c

From the June 18 edition of CRTV's Get Off My Lawn

GAVIN MCINNES (HOST): Donald Trump's son posted a pic of his kids. And you know what the real beef with Donald Trump is, by the way, and this is why he won. Despite his divorces, he represents, and I don't know why this is, but he represents a family man. We see him with his sons and we go, “That's what we need, we need more families.” [Commentator] John Stossel was just tweeting on Father's Day that we had more fathers at home before the welfare state. And I think Americans recognize that the real issue here is dads. The real issue here is American families. Blacks, yes, they are disproportionately represented in the crime stats, they weren't committing those crimes back in the '30s, '40s, and '50s because dad was at home. So, no, it's not race in America; it's dads in America. We need more Black families, more white families, more families. Intact. And no, Mexicans aren't better at the family than white people -- they have more children out of wedlock than whites -- I don't know where they got this reputation of being these great family men. 

So, Donald Trump posted a picture that -- and there's a huge backlash, just like when Ivanka Trump had a picture holding her son and kissing him, she got attacked. And the attack, of course, is because Trump is separating families. Uh, I wish. I wish Trump was separating more families. I wish Trump was arresting more illegals. He's an underachiever, I'm afraid. Obama separated way more dads from their kids than Trump has. So get on it, Trump, get separating. And by the way, a lot of these Mexicans, they use children on purpose because it tends to lead to a catch and release. So, bring a kid with you. Half the time it's not even their own kids -- they would just bring someone else's kids hoping it will lead to a catch and release. Well, no. We treat immigrants -- illegal immigrants -- the same way Haiti does. The same way Mexico does. The same way Zimbabwe does. Every country in the world deports their illegals. And in pretty much any country in the world illegal immigration is a huge issue.


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