Conspiracy theorist and OAN employee Jack Posobiec hypes smears from defendant in Seth Rich lawsuit

From the March 15 edition of One America News:

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JACK POSOBIEC (OAN POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT): Nearly two years after the tragic murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich the case remains unsolved and DC police continue their ongoing investigation. At one point Republican businessman Ed Butowsky, among others, stepped in to financially support a private investigator for the Rich family in hopes of solving the homicide case. Rod Wheeler, that investigator, later approached media and made comments for an article that set off a firestorm, but were later retracted. The Rich family is now represented by a Democrat Party donor, Leonard Gail, and filing a lawsuit against Butowsky. The lawsuit claims Butowsky reached out to the family under false pretenses and seeks damages for emotional distress caused by the story. One America News spoke with Butowksy earlier today in an exclusive interview. Butowsky stated that in late 2016 the Washington police had all but shut down the investigation and after meeting the family he offered to pay for the private investigator to look into the matter. Butowsky denied any involvement in the article in question stating, ‘I didn't write the article, I didn't participate in the writing of the article, and I didn't help put the people together for this article.’ Butowsky noted that he is going to fight the lawsuit and is looking forward to the discovery phase. Further Butowsky claimed that when he spoke to Joel Rich, Seth Rich's father, on December 17 at 3:10 am central time, that Joel confirmed to him that his son had been the one who downloaded emails from the DNC server and later transmitted them to Wikileaks. He added that he hopes Mr. Rich will be honest with the country about what happened. Trial attorney and pundit, Robert Barnes of California, took to Twitter last night to note that the most noteworthy thing about the Seth Rich related lawsuit against Fox and Butowsky: “it doesn't allege defamation or libel ever as a cause of action. If those behind the suit thought the allegations were false, why not allege defamation?” Barnes was alluding to federal rules of civil procedure rule 12B6: failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. In cases of emotional distress, lawsuits are generally for when the distress was intentional, such as threats of physical harm or injury. While the murder of Seth Rich remains unsolved, this new lawsuit may just add a new layer of complexity to the story. 


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