CNN's Jeffrey Lord: The Left, “Whether It's Black Lives Matter Or La Raza ... Provoked” White Neo-Nazi Group Into Existence

From the November 22 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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JOHN BERMAN (HOST): Do you think the president-elect went far enough today disavowing this neo-nazi group that spoke just a few blocks from the White House? Or do you think he should hold a news conference? Do you think he should look at a camera and say it out loud? 

JEFFREY LORD: No, no, no. They're not worth the attention. They're Nazis. They're socialists, right? They're Nazis, being the National Socialist Workers Party or whatever it was called. No. Don't give them the time of day. One of the things that I've been talking about identity politics for years as being racist, and this is exactly why, is that everybody gave a pass to other groups talking about their racial identity, and this was the be all and end all. And now suddenly up pop a group of white people. This is exactly what happens. The left sort of provoked this. This is a really disgusting thing. 

BERMAN: But Jeffrey -- sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. What did the left do here? They didn't hold the meeting at the Reagan Center over the weekend? 

LORD: The left, whether it's Black Lives Matter or La Raza, I mean you can go back and back and back. Groups that identify themselves by race provoked this group to identify by race. This is America.


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