CBC highlights how online hate from men's rights activists translates into real-world violence

From the April 25 edition of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News' The National:

VIK ADHOPIA (CBC NEWS): Excluded, scorned, and alone. Their frustration festering online in forums like incels.me, 4chan, and Reddit’s “braincels” where Alek Minassian has divided self-identified “incels” -- involuntary celibates.

ARSHY MANN (REPORTER): Some people are worried that their spaces are going to get shut down, others are kind of reveling in the attention, and some are pushing for copycat attacks.

ADHOPIA: For years, Arshy Mann has been tracking the angry online subculture he broadly calls the male grievance movement, a place where misogynistic and racist rants find a home among incels, a community that has struggled with relationships with women to the point of giving up, some even calling for retribution like Elliot Rodger.


ELLIOT RODGER: You girls have never been attracted to me.


ADHOPIA: The California man who four years ago left a manifesto and chilling video before going on a killing rampage that ended in his suicide.

MANN: I think for sure the misogyny has been there for a long time. I think this kind of toxic masculinity that feeds off of an entitlement to women, to sex, is a big part of that and that's quite universal.


SARA GARDEPHE [DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER]: It's sort of this mixture of self-loathing and just frustration and I think at that point maybe they just want to see the world burn a little bit, punishing us for not seeing their pain.

ADHOPIA: Platforms like Reddit have taken action against incel forums but new ones reappear.

MÉLANIE JOLY (MINISTER OF CANADIAN HERITAGE): We call upon the web giants to make sure that they counter any form of hate speech and any form of discrimination.

ADHOPIA: Given the anonymous nature of incel forums, it's unknown how many active members there are and if Alek Minassian was one of them. But police are investigating the connection.


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