Today In Fox Race Baiting: Dobbs Suggests New Black Panthers Party Is Obama's “Base”

On his Fox Business show, Lou Dobbs suggested that the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), which the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated a hate group, constitutes Obama's base. Dobbs quoted criticisms of Obama by the NBPP and then said: “I mean, what is going on here? This president is starting to get, at the very least, friction, if not outright attacks coming from his base.”

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams responded by noting that the NBPP is a “fringe-group.”

During the segment, Dobbs also falsely claimed that “Holder says [the NBPP] can't be prosecuted for intimidating white voters,” a reference to a phony scandal relentlessly hyped by Fox News.

In fact, it was the Bush administration, not the Obama administration, that decided not to prosecute the NBPP criminally for an incident in which an NBPP member carried a nightstick outside a Philadelphia polling place. The Bush administration chose to file a civil case in the matter instead.

The Obama Justice Department pursued the civil case against the defendant who carried the nighstick and obtained an injunction against him. Obama later decided to drop the civil case against the other defendants.

Furthermore, conservatives including to the Republican vice chair of the Civil Rights Commission investigating the case have agreed that the attacks against the Justice Department are meritless.

Moreover, the DOJ's ethics office found that senior career lawyers at the DOJ “did not commit professional misconduct or exercise poor judgment, but rather acted appropriately” in their handling of the NBPP case.

But such facts would get in the way of Dobbs' race baiting.