In reaction to Cohen hearing, Lou Dobbs says voters should apologize to the nation for electing Democrats

Dobbs: “Everyone who voted for every one of those ignorant fools ought to say 'I'm sorry' to the nation”

From the February 27 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): Radical freshman Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib today accused an African-American Trump staffer of being a racist prop for Republican Mark Meadow. 


Meadows quickly turning Tlaib's remarks against her, accusing her of being racist for even making the comment. 


That is one of the sorriest spectacles I've ever seen, and I have seen some, I mean these radical dimms have reached a low that even I didn't think they were capable of. 

ED ROLLINS (GUEST): I am ashamed of myself for watching 9 hours to watch this idiotic show today it just diminished congress. 

DOBBS: To hell with the congress, they were pretty diminished. It is the Republican party who permitted this and secondly the radical dimms who carried it off. They should be ashamed and everyone who voted for every one of those ignorant fools ought to say I'm sorry to the nation.


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