Lou Dobbs warns that immigration could “consign tens of thousands, perhaps millions of Americans to their deaths”

From the March 29 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): The DHS secretary to talk about we're being overrun at the border, think what that means for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, that agency with its limited resources and manpower in the interior of the country trying to contend with all of those people being released onto the streets. 

The stories in the Yuma sector right now. The idea of, the temerity of the head of DHS to allow that to happen, its ignorance, the only can-do attitude is on the side of the cartels. We have a bunch of bureaucrats walking around in green uniforms who are absolutely, I'm talking about the leadership of the border patrol who are absolute morons. 

They are sitting there waiting for orders, waiting for somebody to hand them a solution? If this is what we have come to, if the quality of people in leadership in DHS from the secretary of the department on down I mean lets, you know, just literally put out welcome wagons. Pile them high because we're just going to consign tens of thousands perhaps millions of Americans to their deaths. 


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