Lou Dobbs unhinged over Flynn: Russia probe is a “parade of nonsense,” “subversion” by the left

Dobbs: And the GOP are “damn jackasses” for not ending it

From the December 1 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): Let me start with Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. We have watched this parade of nonsense for throughout -- well since May. And this is where they are?

ED ROLLINS: This is the simplest charge they can get you on and it obviously gives them the benefit of going after somebody else, and shame on Flynn.

DOBBS: It’s like there should be fanfare here. Gee, Bob Mueller is being a cute special counsel and every attorney in the country is showing up on television saying, “Well, this is the way the investigation proceeds.” This is interference with the president of the United States, it’s effectively a subversion tool of the left to stop this president.

ROLLINS: And I would argue very strenuously that the president needs to up his legal team and be prepared for long war because that’s what they’re going to have and this is the first step. I lived through the Watergate period, this is not Watergate but I’m just telling you, you get distracted on these fronts and you basically spend -- if his son-in-law is involved in this thing, send him home. Let him go back to New York and prepare for it. It was all stupidity, there was nothing that basically dealt with the Russians in a realistic way. And I think to a certain extent --

DOBBS: By the way, I don’t see anything -- as it stands right now, I don't see where anything untoward even occurred, let alone illegal. This is a president and his team coming into office. The Obama administration waited until less than a month left in the presidency of Barack H. Obama to have any response to the “intervention,” quote unquote, of the Russians in our election.

ROLLINS: Well we still don't have any evidence that the Russians interfered in our elections. That’s just a ghost story that the Democrats will continue.

DOBBS: I’m just telling you what they did, partner.

ROLLINS: But I know what they did and the bottom line is they’re going to keep going here. This is going to distract the president, it's not going to --

DOBBS: So the president all summer has said to the Republican leadership, stop this nonsense, end it, wrap it up, and the damn fools won't even respond.

ROLLINS: Well, even worse, I mean, they’re going to take the Flynn thing now and you watched them all on TV all day and theY said, “Oh, he didn't tell us the truth either when we were in committee so we need to bring him back up again.”

DOBBS: Can I just say this? Let me get this off my chest.

ROLLINS: Sure, you can say whatever you want.

DOBBS: The GOP leadership are a bunch of damn jackasses. It’s time for them to behave as if they weren’t.


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