Lou Dobbs: Trump should fire the FBI and CIA directors for embarrassing him by delaying release of some JFK assassination documents

Dobbs: “This looks like a conspiracy to embarrass the president of the United States”

From the October 26 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): Literally, refuse to honor the public's right to know? This is an American government run by the man I think is going to go down in history as one of our very greatest, if not the greatest presidents, and Julian Assange for crying out loud is the first political analyst to say this looks like a conspiracy to embarrass the president of the United States. 

TONY SHAFFER: Right, this is embarrassing for no reason. This is where the president does have the power to fire people, and we’ve talked about this, and there's several issues at play here, and when you roll this around to – 

DOBBS: Who do you want him to fire? 

SHAFFER: Well, I would fire anybody who does not, the first time – 

DOBBS: Follow an order? 

SHAFFER: You should always be -- you've worked a long time and you’ve hired and fired people. I always believe, Lou, in giving someone one warning. This is your one warning. 

DOBBS: I don't, because we're talking about the government of the United States. Two people who he appointed to their post that is [FBI Director Christopher] Wray and [CIA Director Mike] Pompeo, to lead two of the storied agencies of this nation's history. And they don’t deliver for him? They are arrogant, they are cowards, and the ought to be replaced.


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