Lou Dobbs says Mueller was part of a plot to help Democrats “steal” the 2018 midterms 

From the May 29 edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight: 

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LOU DOBBS (HOST);  Let's be clear, the Mueller special counsel knew, knew long before the 2018 midterms, that there was no conspiracy, no collusion of any sort -- however you want to characterize it -- with the Russians on the part of the Trump campaign or the Trump presidency. Yet he persisted, and he persisted in the obvious -- for the obvious partisan purpose of stealing -- permitting the Democrats to steal that election. 

ED ROLLINS (GUEST):  Well, certainly created the dialogue that was negative for the Republicans, and they couldn't run away from it. The bottom line is, as I said, first week, second week he was there he should have stood up, called this press conference and say there's nothing there, there's no there, we're all going to go home and, basically, go on -- let the president go on and do his job because there is nothing there. There was no collusion, as has been said, there's no conspiracies, there was no, you know, getting people like Manafort and what have you, any U.S. attorney could have done that and done that easily --

DOBBS: And a dozen Russians who will never see a U.S. courtroom of any kind. 

ROLLINS:  Absolutely. And my issue, again, it never came out today, is this all occurred during the Obama administration. This did not occur during the Trump -- Trump was elected the first Tuesday in November, and this had all gone on before, the Russian stuff. Why wasn't the Obama team doing something about it? 


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