Lou Dobbs says it would be “utterly irrational” for Trump to brief Congress on strike against Soleimani

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Citation From the January 3, 2020 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight: 

LOU DOBBS (HOST): I mean, it's outrageous what I have heard today in the course of the morning, earlier, from the Democratic leadership. It's as if they are completely unhinged.

STEPHANIE GRISHAM: Well, they are. You know, I continue to be so disappointed by these Democrats. No matter what this president does, it is not good enough. The Democrats should be happy along with the rest of this country that American lives were saved, and instead, they're complaining that they weren't notified. You know, time is of the essence when things like this are going down. And the president does have Constitutional authority to protect Americans when they are in danger. Also, I would say that you know, Schumer was complaining that he wasn't briefed, and then when he got briefed today, he was complaining that it wasn't good enough and he still had questions. They just continue to attack this president --

DOBBS: Stephanie, I think--

GRISHAM: I’m sorry, yes? 

DOBBS: I think Chuck Schumer was born complaining, and I wouldn't expect any quick change in his behavior. It is also, I think, -- a good case could be built, it would be utterly irrational of the Trump administration to brief the very people who are trying to unseat him, remove him from power, to overthrow his presidency and who have done everything in their power to do so.  I mean, I just can't understand why a neutral voice in this -- say in the national media isn't saying what are the Democrats talking about? And why would they expect anything other than to be found untrustworthy by the President of the United States?