Lou Dobbs says Democrats are colluding with Russia on impeachment

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Citation From the December 9, 2019 edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight

LOU DOBBS: And congressman, there's no clearer collusion construction than that between the radical Dems leading this impeachment assault in an effort to overthrow the president, and the Russians.  This is a collusion that could only be between the Democrats and the Russians because everything they're doing is in Russia's interest. To absolutely attack a president who is historic in every manner, every metric. And at the same time destabilize our government which is succeeding on every front, whether it is rebuilding our military, whether it is assuring that our policies will follow national interest around the globe, whether it is an economy that continues to grow and markets continuing to rise. That's the collusion that seems the only logical explanation for what's happening right now.