Lou Dobbs responds to Roger Stone's arrest by calling the FBI “the leading examples of corruption right now in this country”

From the January 28 edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST):  It looks like we have a police state. By the way, we may have. I'm not sure now because no one in this country can say with certainty that the FBI will be honest, will root out corruption in its own ranks. Forget about being gangbusters and going after the bad guys. They themselves are the leading examples of corruption right now in this country, aside from the elected officials. 

JAMES KALLSTROM (GUEST): That's why what they did to Stone is so outrageous because it shows the FBI's really thuggish actions, and this isn't the first time. They did the same thing with [Paul] Manafort and and the same thing with [Michael] Cohen's office. So I mean it's really, really disgusting what they did. And I have had a plethora of calls from people, my former SWAT commander and others who are very, very, very sad about what happened. It was is a sad thing. So, where is the leadership? This can't happen. If the special prosecutor wanted that to happen, the answer should have been no. We're going to knock on the door with three or four people. We're going to do whatever we're going to do; we're going to exercise the warrant. But you don't bring 29 people. You don't have all these weapons  


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