Lou Dobbs: Rep. Ilhan Omar “sounds like she hates America,” Jews and Israelis 

From the April 10 edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight: 

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): She sounds like she hates America, Tammy. She sounds like she hates Jews; she hates Israelis. What is it she doesn't hate?

TAMMY BRUCE (GUEST): And that we deserve, perhaps, what happened to us. That those innocent victims deserve that in some fashion -- 

DOBBS: I don't understand.

BRUCE: That with September 11 “some people did something.” That it was so meaningless -- 

DOBBS: You think that is her implication? 

BRUCE: That the implication is that it has been for a number of leftists, that over the last decade that America was the problem in the world, right? That was the messaging we heard. That we've done --

DOBBS: The Obama message. 

BRUCE: That things just came back to us. These are things that, of course, are untrue, and it's ugly, and Americans recognize it. I don't know what's going on with Democratic leadership. But this is a test for them. It's a test also for Democrats, regular Democrats, to speak to their leadership to say enough is enough. 

DOBBS:  Is there any reason on Earth she should be allowed to stay on the foreign affairs committee. 

BRUCE: It's astounding that anyone in Congress has spoken in this fashion. But to have her be elevated especially on that kind of a panel should disturb all of us, about foreign relations, the nature of how this country is viewed and is reflected around world. At the very least we should have our people on that committee who view a massive attack on this nation not as some trivial matter.


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