Lou Dobbs promises to call Trump and tell him to release sealed FBI and DOJ documents 

Dobbs: “I will give it my very best effort to get through that White House switchboard” 

From the Februrary 20 edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): I'm tired of the FBI and the Justice Department. It's a place where truth goes to die, where if you want to hide the truth you start an FBI investigation. You don't hear about Benghazi. You don't hear what's happened to all these people who we know committed crimes, who were guilty of outright political corruption. 

ANDREW MCCARTHY (GUEST): Lou, at any moment, the president could unseal all this stuff and put it out publicly. He's chosen not to do that. 

DOBBS: Well, that time in my judgment, Andy, has arrived. It's arrived some time ago as a matter of fact. But the idea of another lengthy investigation --

MCCARTHY: Lou, I hear he takes your calls. 

DOBBS: Well, he -- I don't know that he does take my calls, you know, that often. What would you say would be a regular kind of occurrence? 

MCCARTHY: I'd say, even if you could do it once, put a bug in his ear, we need some disclosure. 

DOBBS: I -- you know what? I will give it my very best effort to get through that White House switchboard. I'm going to try just for you, Andy McCarthy, and the nation. 


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