Lou Dobbs: “It sounds like the FBI was colluding with Russians” to frame Roger Stone

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Citation From the May 19, 2020, edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Joining us tonight is former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone. And, Roger, good to have you on the broadcast, and I know there's some -- I want to talk about some of the similarities as well as where you stand in the court process as your case is being adjudicated on appeal. Your sense of the comparison -- compare for us, if you will, your case and General Flynn and how they match up.

ROGER STONE: Well, Lou, thanks for having me. First of all, I guess I would say both General Flynn, who I consider a great American patriot, and I are the subjects of a political vendetta, of a politically-motivated prosecution by politically-oriented prosecutors. We were both subject to misconduct by the FBI. The FBI obviously set General Flynn up. They attempted to set me up in May of 2016. I was approached by a man claiming his name was Henry Greenberg who offered to sell me dirt on Hillary Clinton for a mere $2 million. I dismissed it out of hand, only to learn later that Henry Greenberg was a long-time -- not only a Russian national, but an FBI informant who was only in the country on an FBI informant's visa. A visa that has been -- that was signed by the Miami office of the FBI, had been extended on nine separate occasions. Robert Mueller would kind of air brush this in his report, and never even mentioned that Henry Greenberg's real name was "Motsteskov," and that he was in the country as a longtime FBI informant.

DOBBS: It sounds like the FBI was colluding with Russians. We'll continue with Roger Stone. We'll get his sense as to why did Robert Mueller go after him well after he knew there was no Russian collusion whatsoever with the Trump administration.