Lou Dobbs: “I said we can claim” victory over ISIS and Al Qaeda, “I didn't say it was true”

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Citation From the October 9th edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight 

LOU DOBBS (HOST):  It's time to understand. We have got to kill our enemies. And we must change the way we think about the cost in every sense of the world. This country, the cost not to seek victory, and to find a final resolution of every conflict. Victory. What we can claim now is victory over ISIS, over Al Qaeda to this point. The Talib--

JACK KEANE: No we can't. That's not true. 

DOBBS: I said we can claim -- I didn't say it was true. And we could have claimed at one point victory over the Taliban. What we are watching now is an inversion of everything that we intended.

KEANE: You are chasing a myth.

DOBBS: I'm chasing which myth? 

KEANE: A myth. The myth that we can have a conventional victory over these radical Islamist organizations which are absolutely ideological driven organizations.