Lou Dobbs guest says there is a “digital civil war” and conservatives need “to stand up and fight back or live on their knees”

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Citation From the August 7 edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

HARMEET DHILLON (GUEST): Well, this is not without precedent Lou. Of course we've seen many Republicans over last few years, Paul Ryan and others kind of play Marquess of Queensberry rules when the left has long since abandoned any shred of decency. And today what any sane person needs to learn from the mob is that you can never bend your knee to the mob and apologize to them because they will simply take it as the beginning of a further negotiation to eliminate you. Just today Twitter -- actually in the last 24 hours -- Twitter took the official campaign account of Mitch McConnell, the number two most powerful Republican in the United States, offline because McConnell was trying to document threats against him. There is no doubt that we're in an absolute digital civil war in this country. And Republicans need to be prepared to stand up and fight back or live on their knees. And I'm not prepared to do that.