Lou Dobbs guest justifies Proud Boy assaults in New York by calling the victims terrorists

Pete Holmberg: “It's terrorism and it's gotten worse the more successful Trump has gotten”

From the October 19 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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PETE HOLMBERG: I'm going to call it terrorism. If a 12-year-old throws a brick through a window, that's vandalism. If you're threatening someone's thought and telling them to limit their free speech and you're threatening them, and then you throw bricks through the window and spray paint their doors, which is what happened to the Metropolitan Republican Club, I'm going to call that terrorism because they're doing it to impinge on your First Amendment right.

LOU DOBBS (HOST): They're trying to intimidate.

HOLBERG: Absolutely.

DOBBS: And as we're approaching now 18 days to the midterms, we're seeing this mob mentality for what it is and that is the left, the radical dimms are trying to terrorize voters and they're looking at these huge lines of people that are attending Trump rallies all across the country. I'm talking about miles and miles of folks, in Montana, abandoning cars some say a mile away to get to the rally. And this is an effort to intimidate older folks, women, young people. This is horrible.

HOLBERG: It's terrorism and it's gotten worse the more successful Trump has gotten. 4.2 GDP, as they see results, they can't fight with results, so they're fighting with emotional argument. And if you're fighting with emotional arguments, eventually it's going to lead to violence and terror.


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