Lou Dobbs guest Corey Lewandowski calls for the arrest of Jim Comey, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Baker and Bruce Ohr 

From the April 10 editon of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight: 

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COREY LEWANDOWSKI (GUEST): Doesn't fit the narrative of the mainstream media to say that the president was right. All they have done for two and a half years is destroy everything that he has tried to build. They have attacked him because they hate this president more than they love their country, and that's a shame. But what we have now is what the president alluded to - it was a coup against a duly elected president because they didn't like the way he delivered the message. That should scare Americans, it should tell you the power of the government. And many people Lou, myself included, have spent enormous amounts of money defending ourselves from crimes we never committed because they charged us and stipulated that we were committing crimes -- 

LOU DOBBS (HOST): And they meant to break you. 

LEWANDOWSKI: Of course they did. And by the way, they broke many people. Many people have filed for bankrupcy many people pled guilty to crimes they probably never committed. I want to see Jim Comey and Andy McCabe and Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and Jim Baker and Bruce Ohr all go to jail and make sure this never happens again. 

DOBBS:  And I want to see the Republican Party stand up and raise money for every single person you're referring to, not by name, but every single person, and we know most of those names I believe, who deserve support, and to be given restitution as best it can be provided. 


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