Lou Dobbs guest attacks New Yorker's Jane Mayer for her reporting on sexual assaults: “She's been on this rampage for 25 years”

From the September 24 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): Michael, I want to turn to you. Were you surprised at the reporting of The New York Times?

MICHAEL GOODWIN: Yes, in that regard I was, Lou, because my first reaction was, well, must have been a substitute teacher on that day, because it's such a departure from what they normally do. And Peter baker, one of the White House correspondents, actually put that on Twitter as well, that paragraph that you mentioned. 

They buried it in the story, but they did broadcast it in social media that they found that, you know, all these people they talked to. But it also raises another question which is how did they get on to the tip also? And I think that gets to what the fact that Ronan Farrow, the New Yorker reporter, says, Democrats went looking for this stuff. 

DOBBS: Of course. By the way, they acknowledged that -- 

GOODWIN: They're trolling all their classmates from those eras. 

DOBBS: It's stunning stuff to see this in The Times, and that's more of a commentary on the times in which we live. It is -- and I mean it, I'm grateful, to be reminded by The Times of what they're actually capable of, and how important they are when they do adhere to the highest standards of journalism. To me, it's compelling. You may think it's a little early for congrats--

ED ROLLINS: I think it's a little bit early, and obviously if they had any kind of a source, it would be printed. The bottom line here is it's a made-up story, and I think there's no credibility to it and I give them credit for-- 

DOBBS: Yeah. But the New Yorker didn't seem to have a bit of problem -- 

ROLLINS: No, they did not. 

DOBBS: And listening to Ronan Farrow going on about, he couldn't substantiate anything, leaving the question open throughout, why did the New Yorker publish it? What are the standards? 

ROLLINS: Because Jane Mayer was the co-author, and Jane Mayer was the one who wrote the Anita Hill book, and how, what a great injustice was done to her. She's been on this rampage for 25 years.


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