Lou Dobbs criticizes Jim Acosta as “triggered” and “delicate” after Trump supporters harassed him at rally

Dobbs: “He is awfully delicate to be in this racket, very delicate indeed”

From the August 1 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): A national left wing media correspondent, CNN's Jim Acosta, whining after being heckled by Trump supporters at the rally in Tampa last night. The massive crowd booing and chanting, I -- there -- there he is, as he tried to -- well, to broadcast his very important report on live television. And apparently he was triggered, somewhat. Triggered.


Acosta's tweet ignoring the fact that CNN promotes the radical Dem[ocrat] agenda and endlessly attacks President Trump and his supporters, and it -- he is awfully delicate to be in this racket, very delicate indeed.


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