Lou Dobbs contradicts his own network, calls CNN suit against the White House “frivolous” and “a publicity stunt”

Dobbs: “I just don't think anyone should take it very seriously ... This is a publicity stunt on the part of CNN”

From the November 15th edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): The president, I don't think in any way acted on this in a timely fashion, and certainly not in a hurried fashion. He's put up with this nonsense -- he -- since he was standing there before them in the White House press room.

DAVID BOSSIE: For almost two years.

DOBBS: I mean it's just amazing how he has been patient with those people. He puts up with more nonsense -- and honestly, I think it's an affront to the president, on the part of the White House press corps.

BOSSIE: It is, and Lou, let's just get to the facts of this for a second, and that is that there is no breach of the First Amendment of CNN. CNN has fifty, fifty, fifty hard passes.

DOBBS: Oh, everybody knows that, David. By the way that's just lawyer stuff, that's not the facts of the thing.

BOSSIE: Of course!

DOBBS: That's just, they were -- it's cheaper than buying ads. They pay for a few two-bit lawyers to run a suit against the president, the White House.

BOSSIE: It's exactly right, but the CNN has fifty hard passes. Fifty. More than anybody else, so they have the ability to have people there covering this president and asking questions.

DOBBS: They want more people in White House than the president has. That's when they will be happy.

BOSSIE: That's exactly right. So look, this is going to end in court and we're going to see exactly what a federal judge believes but I think that this White House has put forth an argument that says, that they have not breached this First Amendment of Jim Acosta or CNN.

DOBBS: Yeah. I just don't think anyone should take it very seriously. I mean, this is a --

BOSSIE: I certainly don’t.

DOBBS: if ever there were a frivolous lawsuit, this is it.

BOSSIE: Exactly.

DOBBS: And all of the folks who are joining into this thing, I mean, they know what it is. This is a publicity stunt on the part of CNN and they're getting all of this airtime, most especially, as you and I talk about it tonight.


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