Lou Dobbs calls Republicans “callow and sinister” for allowing impeachment trial of Trump

Dobbs: “And why does this charade -- this sickening, absurd charade -- continue?”

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Citation From the February 3, 2021, edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight 

LOU DOBBS (HOST): [Trump] didn't commit a crime.

DAVID SCHOEN (GUEST): That's right, didn't commit a crime -- didn't do anything wrong.

DOBBS: So, what in the hell is this about? And why does this charade -- this sickening, absurd charade -- continue with the help, the complicity, the compliance of the Republican so-called leadership in the Senate who are as callow and sinister -- I believe every bit -- as those who have constructed and begun to carry out this absurdity and fraud.

You get the last word here, David. I'm just -- I'm disgusted that anybody would put up with this thing and that we have a government that is incapable of stopping what is an obvious, sickening partisan ploy and slur against the Constitution.