Lou Dobbs calls for the jailing of Americans who investigated Russia's hacking of Democrats 

From the April 18 edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): The thing that is just extraordinary - the national left-wing media won't credit this president whatsoever. A historic president and everything he's accomplished in 2 years. 11 months of an FBI investigation then followed by 22 months of investigation by a partisan-driven special counsel without any crime to investigate; seeking anything, including a perjury trap against the President of the United States. These people should be held accountable and everyone involved, the Dimms who funded it, the Christopher Steeles, and the law firms that aided and abetted in this farcical attempt to overthrow president should be, I think, they should be in orange jumpsuits. 

ED ROLLINS (GUEST): The public needs to watch these hearings that are going to come forth with great jaundiced eyes --

DOBBS: And the president ought to tell them all to go to hell. Why should he put up with it? 


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