Lou Dobbs calls impeachment inquiry “treasonous”

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Citation From the October 25 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

ED ROLLINS (GUEST): Well, they started spying on the campaign, there were people in the high ranks of the FBI and the CIA that did not want this president, actively they worked against him in the campaign. When he became president they actively worked against him ever since Inauguration Day. And I think, to a certain extent, the idea that the whistleblower is a CIA -- the CIA is not a law enforcement agency. It goes out and --

LOU DOBBS: It's a spy agency. 

ROLLINS: It's a spy agency. It's not supposed to be spying on us, it's supposed to be spying on them --

DOBBS: Don't tell me, tell them.

ROLLINS: I tell them every night. And the idea that a guy who was not even in the White House, who left the White House when -- apparently the person, the suspect left the White House when Trump came in and then basically is still spying on the President of the United States, that is treasonous. And now he doesn't even have to go testify.

DOBBS: You know what else is treasonous is what the radical Dimms are doing right now, I think, in Congress. This pretext of a inquiry of impeachment, this is ridiculous.