Lou Dobbs and Tom Fitton claim “radical Islamist terrorists” are part of the migrant caravan 

From the October 22 edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): President Trump today announcing the United States will begin to cut or reduce aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador after those three governments failed to stop the caravan of Central American migrants marching toward our border with Mexico. In 2017 the United States government gave Guatemala almost $230 million in aid, Honduras received $144 million, El Salvador given $91 million. Joining us tonight to discuss the national security crisis that is posed by that caravan if it reaches the U.S. Border, the involvement of cartels, narco-terrorists and the MS-13 threat, Judicial Watch's President Tom Fitton. Tom, good to have you with us. The president says this could very well be a national emergency and he has, as he puts it, he is disappointed and displeased with the governments of the three governments that I just mentioned plus Mexico. Your judgment about that caravan and the threat it poses?

TOM FITTON (GUEST): Well, it is a national security threat. We should be concerned about the behavior of the countries. Mexico is essentially inviting this crowd in. As you reported earlier, they're not stopping them. Guatemala is ill-equipped to deal with the pressure they are facing from the leftists in Honduras, so our people are in Guatemala and Chris Farrell is down in Guatemala right now with one of our colleagues. He's reporting they're trying, but that they need help. They've turned away 1500 essentially men at the southern border with Honduras already, of the caravan that came north the Guatemalans were able to pull out 107 special-interest aliens, people who weren't from Honduras or Guatemala or El Salvador. They were from places like Bangladesh, down in the southern part of the border. They were from Cuba. So these are not your -- this is not Central Americans per se. And of course the president of Guatemala --

DOBBS: The fear is, to be clear, the fear is that some of them are radical Islamist terrorists that have intermingled with this group of Central Americans. The further fear is that many of the, so many of these migrants from Central America frankly are radical left-wingers, they're leaders are left-wing party members for crying out loud out of Honduras. This is, and no one other than the president at this point, you know I keep expecting to hear Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi express their concern for America, but with a caravan that seems to be doubling every few days in size, they have said nothing. 

FITTON: Well I agree and, so this is why the president needs to actively protect the country. He should deploy troops to Guatemala to support the effort there, at least logistical troops, so the Guatemalans can deploy their folks to the southern border and turn away the caravans that are forming on the south --


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