Lou Dobbs and guests say Trump officials should not comply with subpoenas, call congressional oversight “assault” and a “coup”

Dobbs: What should members of President Trump's legal team be doing “to defend against what is an absolute, an absolute dagger at the heart of the Trump administration?”

From the March 4 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): What now should the president, and all of his supporters, and, most importantly, those who are on the president's legal team be considering right now to defend against what is an absolute, an absolute dagger at the heart of the Trump administration?


SIDNEY POWELL: They need to be looking at motions to quash all the subpoenas, and fighting them every way they possibly can, and anyone who testified before Congress previously or before Mueller should not be testifying in front of them again.


TOM FITTON: The coup is being continued through this abusive use of Congressional power, to harass the president and all of his people. A lot of these people can't afford lawyers, even to say “yes” will cost them tens of thousands of dollars. To say “no” could break them.

DOBBS: To that point -- to that point, Tom -- break them how?

FITTON: Financially.

DOBBS: The Republican Party should be making certain that there will be -- this is nothing but a political persecution, it's not even an investigation. This is purely and straightforwardly an assault.

Why isn't the Republican Party right now raising money, making certain that every single person involved is not financially -- the Hell with ruined, inconvenienced, even?

FITTON: Well, that will be just another accusation by the left of collusion and conspiracy --

DOBBS: Well, the hell with the accusation! What are they to do?

FITTON: I mean, that's -- you've got to say no --

DOBBS: Are they to sit there and watch them go broke?

FITTON: Well, that's what's happened previously, Lou.

DOBBS: Well, that's shame on the Republican Party, shame on the so called donor class. This is pure ignorance.


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