K.T. McFarland predicts White House will retract strategy document due to Lou Dobbs' criticism: “President Trump watches your show”

Lou Dobbs blames the “deep state” for White House strategy document on China

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Citation From the May 22, 2020, edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

LOU DOBBS (HOST): I've got to start with the national security strategy put up on the website whitehouse.gov, without an author, without a department named in any context. And I just had the president's trade czar attack me, Michael Pillsbury, because we think it is somewhat short of being a national security strategy of any kind. What is your view?



DOBBS: Yeah, it's extraordinary. And because that document, such as it is, as I said, doesn't have an author, isn't related to an agency or department.


DOBBS: And thirdly, doesn't once quote the president of the United States who is leading policy in every aspect of foreign policy around the world. There is no exception, as you point out. And it's stunning because it looks like the deep state is at work, now having figured out some way to pin this nonsense to the White House website and also get a trade czar to defend the nonsense. 

MCFARLAND: I have a feeling, Lou, that President Trump watches your show, as you know, he watches it regularly. My suspicion is that in a couple of days that kind of nothing-burger report is going to find its way off the White House website. There's nothing there that reflects President Trump's thinking. And it sounds to me like it was just written by a bunch of bureaucrats who are saying, well, this should be our China policy, so let's just put it up the flagpole. I --- you know, look, it's -- I'm not taking it seriously, I'm not taking it seriously in the least, because that's certainly not how President Trump is approaching the entire issue.