Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton: “The worst part” of impeachment inquiry “is the protection of this alleged whistleblower”

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Citation From the November 11, 2019, edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight

TOM FITTON (PRESIDENT, JUDICIAL WATCH): And the worst part of it is, as we talked about last segment, Lou, is the protection of this alleged whistleblower. The idea that this person who is alleged to have improperly exchanged information with Mr. Schiff, who then lied about it, who may have been improperly talking about the presidential phone call, which was classified at the time internally within the administration -- that he wouldn't be questioned about what he knew and when and who he was talking to and what they were talking about, like Mr. -- Col. Vindman, it's just an abomination of the law here.

And I tell you, we're asking questions about -- now there's a name out there associated with the whistleblower -- we've looked at the White House visitor logs under Barack Obama and saw that he had at least two meetings related to the Ukraine issue specifically with the Soros groups tied in this effort by Ukrainians to target President Trump --

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Which Soros groups?

FITTON: This is the Ukrainian Soros group that leaked the black ledger, Lou. Two meetings with this person. And I don't know if he's the whistleblower. But isn't it interesting the Obama White House was meeting with this person. And isn't it interesting that no one wants to talk to the CIA official assigned to the both the Obama White House and the Trump White House to handle Ukraine. Why isn't he being questioned irrespective of whether he's the whistleblower?