Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton urges state legislators to appoint new electors and overturn election results

Fitton: State legislatures “can appoint new electors, if need be”

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Citation From the January 4, 2021, edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

LOU DOBBS (HOST): The idea that there will be two states added to -- to the Union, that justices will be added to the Supreme Court is only the beginning of the tale of -- of the man who would be president, Joe Biden. Your thoughts about the possibilities of success for the Brooks-led initiative, and for the Senate initiatives led by Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz. 

TOM FITTON (GUEST): You got two issues. The state legislatures are now coming back into session. They can appoint new electors, if need be. They don't need to be called in, they're in session now, many of the key states. And the question is, is the Senate and the House, are they going to rubber stamp what everyone understands to be, or should understand to be, compromised elections? And, in my view, that will happen if the people let their elect -- their elected representatives know how they feel about it. We now know, thanks to this leaked call, that we can't trust the officials in Georgia to either investigate what happened in Georgia or even to run this election. Their veil has been lifted as -- as someone -- people who are willing to engage in unethical and -- and potentially illegal behavior to target Donald Trump. 

So the election crisis continues even tomorrow, based on what's happening in Georgia with this anti-Trump activism by the leadership of the Secretary of State's office there. We're in a constitutional crisis and, whether or not Trump wins or not on Wednesday, the crisis isn't going to disappear. Because we're facing the question: are we going to have consent of the governed, or are we going to allow the left and its allies to steal elections and break the law to get their people in without consequence?