Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton calls for states “to appoint a clean slate of electors that supports President Trump” to overturn the popular vote

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Citation From the November 6, 2020, edition of Fox Business's Lou Dobbs Tonight

TOM FITTON (GUEST): There have been noises about it on the internet, but I didn't know anything beyond what Sidney's reporting now. You know, I go back to the numbers you reported at the beginning of the segment. The president was winning on Tuesday, he's not winning now. And he's not winning now as a result of a process that the voters can't have confidence in, the state legislatures can't have confidence in -- in my view -- the courts can't have confidence in. 

So, the question is, are the courts going to undo what went on? I don't know. But the state legislatures in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, perhaps Arizona, they now have an opportunity to make a stand on behalf of the rule of law. Are they going to endorse what went on this week or are they going to appoint a clean slate of electors that supports President Trump? That could be the next battle and I would think that activists interested in this issue -- and if you're concerned watching this, start talking to your state legislators and start asking where Congress is. Because Congress, in the end, is going to be the judge of the Electoral College votes. And I -- if I were in Congress, I'd be telling these states, "You better keep up on -- you better be honest here, because we're not going to accept your votes if your -- if your -- if your election is a sham."