Howard Kurtz's intermittent disclosure

Earlier this month, I noted that Washington Post/CNN media critic Howard Kurtz has repeatedly failed to disclose his financial relationship with CNN when writing about the cable channel, even after assuring Post Ombudsman Andrew Alexander that one such failure was an “oversight” that “won't be repeated.”

Well, look what appears at the bottom of Kurtz' column today, in which he mentions CNN:

Howard Kurtz is a CNN contributor and hosts its media program “Reliable Sources” hour, which is part of “State of the Union.”

Good to see Kurtz disclosing the tie again, but it's woefully inadequate. Kurtz has the biggest conflict-of-interest going, and it isn't a theoretical one: it has clearly affected his coverage of CNN and Lou Dobbs this summer. Someone at the Post owes it to readers to address this comment publicly.

Kurtz is doing an online discussion at this very moment if you'd like to ask him about it.