Fox's Newt Gingrich Calls On Republicans To Abolish The Congressional Budget Office

Gingrich: “This Is A Dishonest Bureaucratic Organization. It Should Be Abolished”

From the March 13th edition of Fox Business's Lou Dobbs Tonight

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NEWT GINGRICH: One of my great disappointments with the Republicans in Congress has been their failure to abolish the Congressional Budget Office. I helped balance the budget for four years in a row, the only time in your lifetime it was done. We fought the bureaucrats at the Congressional Budget Office every day. They brought in the architect of Obamacare to be their advisor when they scored Obamacare. Their score was wildly I think corrupt, dishonest, misleading, not defensible at all, and if you go back and look at the record you’d say to yourself, “any private sector institution that was this wrong would be fired, they’d be abolished." So I have no respect for the Congressional Budget Office, I think Republicans should be clear this is a dishonest bureaucratic organization, it should be abolished, save the money, hire outside professional firms, get three to five scores on major bills and let’s be honest about the fact that no group of bureaucrats can accurately tell you in a complex world what is going to happen over the next five or ten years.


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