Fox's Lou Dobbs is outraged FBI nominee refuses to take a loyalty oath to Trump

Dobbs: “Where the hell do these people find any anything in the law that says [the FBI] is an independent agency?”

From the July 13 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOUIE GOHMERTY: I'm deeply troubled by the Trump appointment's testimony before the Senate. Lou, this is ridiculous, all this talk about, you know, “I wouldn't take a loyalty pledge.” Look, as somebody, somebody like President Trump who had had more leaks, maybe several times I think I read several times as many leaks as Obama or Bush, he is looking for somebody that is not going to run around and leak stuff, and -- which in Comey's case apparently is a crime. He is looking for somebody that is going to be loyal. He is not asking for anybody to break the law.

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Well, I got to be honest with you. All of that, you can add it all up, and Christopher Wray's entire attitude, didn't want to meet alone with the president --

GOHMERT: Oh, it's outrageous --

DOBBS: Won't take a loyalty oath, and he talked repeatedly, he sounded like James Comey's little brother --

GOHMERT: He did.

DOBBS: -- talking about an independent FBI. Where the hell do these people find any anything in the law that says it is an independent agency? It is not.

GOHMERT: The FBI director -- that little agency has no authority under the Constitution whatsoever that is not -- does not have the president as the conduit through which that power goes. It comes through the president.


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