Fox's Gregg Jarrett: Mueller “stuck up his middle finger at the justice system” by leading the special counsel

Jarrett: The FBI's raid on Trump's lawyer was “one of the most shameful episodes in American legal history”

From the April 10 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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GREGG JARRETT: The tragedy is what we saw unfold yesterday, going in and seizing the documents that are largely privileged, of a lawyer -- really to me is one of the most shameful episodes in American legal history.

Yes, there's an exception, but what they did is they went in there and they just carted away just about everything. We're supposed to trust that a third person clean team or firewall is going to protect the attorney-client privilege. I -- trust me, I've been a lawyer for about 40 years now -- ain't going to happen that way.


And Mueller and Rosenstein, who are heading up this whole thing -- the president was right when he said this is the most conflicted group of people he's ever seen.

I mean, Mueller has not one, but two disqualifying conflicts of interest, and under the law it's mandatory that he recuse himself.

Instead, he stuck up his middle finger at the justice system. He didn't care.


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