Fox's Gregg Jarrett: Foreign nationals are allowed to participate in foreign campaigns so Trump Jr. did nothing wrong

Jarrett: Trump Jr. is right to say “I don't recall” a lot “because you can't get in trouble generally, if you say, ”I don't recall"'

From the September 7 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): Donald Jr. saying he believed the attorney might have information about Hillary Clinton's fitness to serve as president. He wanted to hear her out which I think was very kind of him. 


GREGG JARRETT: About an hour ago I was watching another channel, he said “oh it's a crime to have a foreign national be involved in your political campaign.” That anchor didn't actually cite the statute because there is none. It's not a crime. In fact it's just the opposite.

DOBBS: Why do I think I know which network --

JARRETT: I think you know which network, we won't mention MSNBC's name. But all you have to do is go to the Federal Election Commission's website and it says, it cites the law and it says you are allowed as a foreign national to participate in a foreign campaign. You can sit in on meetings, you can provide information.

DOBBS: And Gregg by the way, was the first one to cite the FEC regulation. And here we are with this pretend news network going on about a pretend crime against a very real member of the president's family.

JARRETT: Yeah and his other crime according to the mainstream media is he said “I don't recall” several times which is an old lawyer trick. I used to drill it into my clients, unless you absolutely remember every detail of an event or a conversation say “I don't recall” because you can't get in trouble generally, if you say “I don't recall.”


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