Fox's Dobbs: There Is “Collusion Between The Republican Party, The New York Times And Buzzfeed” To “Take Trump Down”

Dobbs: “I Believe In Coincidences, Just Not This One”

From the February 29 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST):  A few thoughts now, on a political effort tonight, to hit Donald Trump on the eve of Super Tuesday. The effort required the alignment of quite a string of institutions and folks. It involved the alignment of The New York Times,, Trump's two principle Cruz and Rubio. Buzzfeed tonight reporting The New York Times, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, has a secret off the record recording of Trump. Now, we don't know whether Trump knew there was a recording. We don't really know for sure that they have a recording. But Buzzfeed says so, because it is highly unusual to call a meeting off the record, and then make a record of it in the journalism business. 

DOBBS: Rubio and Cruz have the same kinds of meetings, by the way, secret meetings - I want to say secret meetings, just as Trump does with news organizations. This attack on Trump on election eve is collusion, certainly among the Republican Party, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, and all working together to take down Trump.


DOBBS: Clever people at the Times. And the Times meeting almost two months ago and it appears only tonight, on the eve of Super Tuesday? I believe in coincidences, just not this one.


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