On Fox Business, Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton says Jeff Sessions can “unrecuse” himself from Trump/Russia probe

Fitton: Sessions “can unrecuse himself,” Special Counsel Mueller's investigation “is being done without any adult supervision”

From the July 24 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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TRISH REGAN (GUEST HOST): Let's start with Sessions here, it's an interesting word choice and I think he's pretty much lost the confidence of a whole lot of people right now. Why is it that Jeff Sessions isn't being more aggressive?

TOM FITTON: Because he has recused himself from this key rule of law issue, which is the investigation of what went on during the Obama administration, with respect to how it handled the Clinton investigations, and now this whole Russia collusion scandal which has metastasized under a rogue prosecutor into an investigation into anything this prosecutor wants to investigate. You know, the president has a right to expect that his attorney general and his appointees are going to supervise prosecutors appropriately, and that is not happening here.

REGAN: Yeah.

FITTON: And he is not really answerable to anyone, Mueller isn't, which raises constitutional concerns, but you know, just from a practical perspective, who is running the show at Justice Department. This is a major investigation that is being done without any adult supervision, and there are other investigations that many expect to have been done that the administration -- the Justice Department is AWOL on.

REGAN: Okay, so, Sessions in your view, I am guessing you think he needs to go.

FITTON: I don't think he needs to go, I think he needs to step up.


He can unrecuse himself. I think he was cornered into recusing himself initially, I think he inappropriately recused himself and he should fix the situation and start running the Justice Department and taking control of these investigations as appropriate.


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