Fox Business host Lou Dobbs attacks businesses for supporting Black Lives Matter

Dobbs: Black Lives Matter “is calling for the destruction of the fabric of our society”

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Citation From the June 24, 2020, edition of Fox Business's Lou Dobbs Tonight

BOB WOODSON: All of our major corporations are investing in race grievance and we must change that, and empower--

LOU DOBBS: Yeah, it's stunning, it's stunning that these corporations are investing in a-- the Black activist organization of Black Lives Matter instead of the communities directly. It makes no sense. They're trying to align themselves with what they think is a prevailing mood when, in fact, it is, it is calling for the destruction of the fabric of our society. 

BOB WOODSON: It really is. And it's wholesale destruction, but they must be converted and changed. Because by giving them money, they're validating them.