Fox Business guest says there are numerous Democrats who “have a belief system that is not that dramatically different from this terrorist”

From the February 22 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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DAVID ASMAN (GUEST HOST): Is that the answer, Niger? Just, you know, indict her right now, wherever she is, and if she wants to come back, she's going to have to come back facing an indictment that could put her in jail for life?

NIGER INNIS: It is -- it is most important that she be made to pay a penalty, and that her citizenship is not just automatically assumed. There has been -- and David, you know my father before me and myself have been talking about this “criminal chic.”

You know, this fashionista belief system that is anti-American and that embraces those that are anti-American.

The only thing more frightening about Hoda is the fact that you've got folk like Keith Ellison in Minnesota, the attorney general, newly elected, you've got some congresswomen, Oman [sic] and others in the House of Representatives, in the Democratic Party, that quite frankly have a belief system that is not that dramatically different from this terrorist.


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