Fox Business guest: The FBI is being used as a “personal Gestapo” against the Trump administration

Shaffer: “We cannot permit the continued use of the FBI as someone's personal Gestapo”

From the August 9 edition of Fox News Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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TONY SHAFFER: This is where again the leadership needs to pick up. President Trump deserves a Senate, committees which will do the right thing. The other thing you and I've talked about here is Jeff Sessions. I think Jeff Sessions needs to be a lot more aggressive in actually clearing things out. 

And of course, you were talking earlier about the Paul Manafort raid and some of the issues which have happened to him. Look, I'd like to see, Lou, the probable cause statement of that document that some judge signed off on. 

We cannot permit the continued use of the FBI as someone's personal Gestapo. And that's what I am seeing here. 


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