Conservative Media Shout “Class Warfare” To Defend Tax Breaks On Corporate Jets

The right-wing media responded with outrage after President Obama called on Congress to eliminate tax breaks on corporate jets in order to help stave off a default crisis -- accusing Obama of waging “class warfare.”

“Class Warfare”: Right-Wing Media Figures Object To Rolling Back Tax Breaks For Corporate Jets

Fox's Bolling: Focusing On Corporate Tax Breaks Was “Not Fair” And “Was A Class Warfare.” Commenting on Obama's press conference, Fox Business host Eric Bolling said that Obama “talked yesterday about corporate jets, hedge fund managers, oil companies, saying if they're not willing to give up their corporate jets than poor community college kids weren't going to be able to go to school, and God forbid we don't have a National Weather Service. That's not fair.” Bolling further said, “It was a class warfare he set up, and it was completely off base. If we really just bring some entitlement spending in line and you can fix it.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 6/30/11]

Dobbs: Obama's Speech Was “Straightforward Class Warfare.” On his Fox Business show, Lou Dobbs said, “Did you hear the president today talking about millionaires, billionaires, and corporate jets? I mean, that's straightforward class warfare.” [Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight, 6/29/11]

Limbaugh: “Obama Once Again Cranking Up The Class Warfare.” Playing a clip of President Obama's press conference, Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show:

LIMBAUGH: Here is Obama with corporate jet owners in the crosshairs again -- and remember, now, it was just last week, the USA Today ran a story about how the corporate jets were starting to fly again, corporate jet owners were utilizing the aircraft. It was a sign! USA Today so happy! It was a sign of economic recovery. Today in his press conference, Obama once again cranking up the class warfare.


RUSH: This is just -- dangerous is what this is. This is full-fledged demagoguery, and we're listening to this from the chief architect of the destruction of this economy. And once again, pitting groups of Americans against each other. One group -- his aim is for one group of Americans to hate and despise another group. What? What are you - well, that's what he's banking on: he's banking on that most Americans will agree with him because this is fair, and to a certain extent there's some Americans who will agree with it. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 6/29/11]

Beck: Obama “Launched An Unprecedented Class Warfare” On The “Private Jet Class.” On his radio program, Glenn Beck accused Obama of singling out “the private jet class.” Beck said:

Once again, yesterday, Barack Obama showed his sheer, unadulterated disgust for the wealthy, the successful, and anyone who's ever tried to do anything with their life here in America. He disparages them. Big business he disparages, of all kinds, every chance he gets. He has launched an unprecedented class warfare in this country, and the media remains silent. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 6/30/11]

Drudge: “Obama Launches Class Warfare.” The Drudge Report displayed the following headline in a link to a National Journal story about Obama's press conference:


[Drudge Report, 6/30/11, cached version]

RedState: Obama Went “Straight For The Class Warfare Jugular.” From a post to the conservative blog RedState:

Barack Obama has once more taken a major crisis and turned into a campaign prop. The entire debate on the debt ceiling is one big false choice now. We can have a $25Tr national debt in 10 years and feed the children, or all we really care about is rich people with private jets. And let me be clear, we're talking rich, corporate people with private jets. Like Al Gore for example.

Leave it to a liberal to go straight for the class warfare jugular when they have no valid point whatsoever. [RedState, 6/29/11]